UPDATED – Added My DebugBar (15/07/2009)
UPDATED – Added information on Microsoft’s Super Preview (06/05/2009)

Working as a Web Developer, it’s important for me to test my code on multiple web browsers, to make sure that the pages look correct accross browsers (thanks IE6 grr).

My usual testing routine will be to test new web pages in:

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 3
  • Chrome

The problem is getting Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 installed on the same box at the same time. Below are my opinions on the different options for installing IE 6,7 and 8.

Best Solution –

  1. My DebugBarI like this solution as it is a small download (around 25MB) and manages to run all the IEs in a stand alone application. At the time of testing however Windows 7 was not supported.
  2. As an alternative, there is always Xeno Code’s on demand browsers. These guys offer a unique technology that allows you to run any web browser on demand, so that you don’t ever have to install it. It’s nice for some one like me who doesn’t want to install Safari 😉http://www.xenocode.com/browsers
    Taken from their site:

    Xenocode® is an advanced application virtualization and streaming microkernel that emulates core OS subsystems entirely within user-mode space. Virtualized applications reside in isolated “sandboxes”, allowing software to run side-by-side without conflicts or modifications to the host device.

    Our unique, patent-pending application virtualization and XStreamâ„¢ delivery technology provide users with a highly reliable, low-latency product experience on the web, intranet, or USB storage devices.

Good Solution – Web Super Preview, an Expression based Internet Explorer only preview application. A bit large if you ask me – its around 250+ MB! What I like about it is the ability to put different versions of internet explorer side by side. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=8e6ac106-525d-45d0-84db-dccff3fae677&displaylang=en

Poor Solution – http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE gives you IE 5, 6 and 7 in one bundle. It works well, but the software now seems a bit out dated (no IE8).

Untested – Internet Explorer Collection http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Browsers/Internet-Explorer-Collection.shtml, which includes IE8.