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API Tutorial with Amazon API Gateway Part 2


In this second part on Amazon’s API Gateway, we walk through step by step, how to create a simple API Gateway endpoint using Amazon Lambda via Node.js to return simple JSON data.

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API Tutorial with Amazon API Gateway

The first part in a multi part series covering building an API with Amazon’s API Gateway.

This first article covers what features a platform should have to build high quality, future proof, scalable APIs on, relating back to how Amazon’s API Gateway covers our requirements. To be specific, this article will not cover best practices for building a great REST service. That is a large topic in itself.

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WordPress on Amazon AWS

I’ve hosted myy blog on WordPress for years as it has given me an awesome service for free. I highly recommend it. However I found out the other day that it had been offline for a few months for being automatically flagged for violating their Terms and Conditions for some reason.

Well now is the time to start hosting myself! I’ve always wanted to try spinning up a meaningful Amazon instance – now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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