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Highlight the current line in Visual Studio 2010 with Resharper

Highlighting your current line makes it loads easier to see where you are on the page. I first noticed that I liked the idea of line highlighting when I installed the Productivity Power Tools via NuGet. I ended up turning all the options off except for the highlighted line due to slow performance on my machine. Then I realized that I could get the highlight using ReSharper with Visual Studio.


Step 1) Resharper > Options > Editor > Check the Highlight current line checkbox
Step 2) Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors > ReSharper Current Line Highlight. Choose the foreground and background colors you want to apply.

I forgot to renew my domain name :(

Update – I’ve got it back again *rejoice*

I forgot to renew my domain name of – sigh. Oh well, I’ll try to get it back when its up for sale in a years time 🙁 Bloody domain name parkers.

Up to date reading list

I’ve added a page listing all the books and decent articles I have read since mid-2008. It might be of interest to some one.

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