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Installing Web Application Firewall WAF

This post covers installing and configuring the Web Application Firewall (WAF). The previous post describes how to install the prerequisite CloudFront distribution.

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Install CloudFront for WordPress

This tutorial will walk you through setting up Amazon CloudFront on a WordPress website (or any other type of website for that matter – it doesn’t have to be a WordPress site). This is part of a multipart series working towards setting up Amazon’s Web Application Firewall (WAF). See the first post giving a high level architecture to AWF.

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WAF Web Application Firewall and WordPress

Amazon offers WAF or Web Application Firewall which hooks directly into a CloudFront setup (Note: CloudFront is a prerequisite to installing WAF). WAF as its name suggests is a really flexible Firewall that isn’t your ordinary Firewall implementation. WAF will replace the Wordfence plugin for security, for your WordPress install.  Check out the diagram below, it really highlights some of utility of the solution.

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WordPress on Amazon AWS

I’ve hosted myy blog on WordPress for years as it has given me an awesome service for free. I highly recommend it. However I found out the other day that it had been offline for a few months for being automatically flagged for violating their Terms and Conditions for some reason.

Well now is the time to start hosting myself! I’ve always wanted to try spinning up a meaningful Amazon instance – now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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